Rules of Golf

All play will be governed by the USGA Rules of Golf, all USGA rules are to be interpreted by the PGA Golf Professional at each golf course. All rulings are to be made by the host PGA Professional at each site and are to be considered final.

Rules of Tournament Play

All rules of tournament play will be determined by a majority decision of the Texas-Oklahoma Junior Golf Tournament "Golf Committee". All Rulings and decisions made by the "Golf Committee" will be final.

Dress Code

  • BOYS – Acceptable attire include slacks or shorts with collared golf shirt – NO DENIM. 
  • GIRLS – Acceptable attire include slacks or shorts with shirt or tournament tee-shirt – NO DENIM.

Caddy Policy

All players are allowed, but not required, to have a caddy and players may have only one caddy at a time. Caddies may walk, pull a cart or ride in a golf cart. Golf carts are to remain on the cart paths at all times unless otherwise instructed. All caddies must maintain the "player dress code".

Spectator Policy

All parents, family members & friends are strongly encouraged & welcome to support & gallery the players. However, all spectators are to be reminded that they are to have no part in any decision making, included but not limited to making of golf rulings or golf decisions such as club selection or course of action during play. The Texas-Oklahoma Junior Golf Tournament has adopted a ZERO TOLERANCE policy of any harassment, belittlement, aggression, abusive behavior and/or abuse towards any player, including your own child and/or family member. Violation of this ZERO TOLERANCE policy will result in that person being asked to leave or having removed from the course. Furthermore, that person will not be allowed on any course for the remainder of the tournament. This policy is not limited to spectators, but to caddies as well.

Restricted Parking

All golf courses used during tournament week will have restricted parking. Please pay close attention to these areas to avoid being ticketed and/or possible vehicle removal.

Course Courtesy

The continued success of our tournament is dependent on all area course participation. Therefore, the Texas-Oklahoma Junior Golf Tournament respectfully request that all players, family members & guest to treat each facility as if you are at your home course.