Answers to the most frequent questions...

I have registered to play and have paid the entry fee but I will not be able to participate in the tournament, will I get a refund?

Yes, Players who withdraw on or before May 1, 2017 will receive a refund of a portion of their entry fee. To see entire refund policy, please click here (General Information) and scroll down to "refund policy".

May I "Play-Up" in an Age Division? or How do I "Declare-Up"?

Players wanting to "declare up", please use the "Contact Us" form. Please provide us with two names of responsible individuals, with their contact numbers, that may attest to your level of play. All players wanting to "declare up" must attach a resume listing the most recent tournaments (with City, State & Course Name) that they have played in, scores posted & final rank in field. The accuracy of all information is solely the players responsibility.

Will my credit card be processed when I register online?

We use Paypal to process our credit card registrations online. As soon as you complete the online registration and checkout through Paypal your card is charged. Once we receive notification you have paid we will check your registration and mark it as "paid."

How will I know if I have been accepted into the tournament?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail after we verify your payment and registration. You can also log back into the registration system at any time to check your status. Credit card processing may take 24-48 hours after being submitted. Entries are processed in the order in which they are received. Our system will add players to the "Registered Players" list as they have been processed for payment.

Where will the main scoreboard be located?

The main scoreboard will be online.

Where will the evening meals be served and will there be a charge for family members and/or their guests?

The evening meals will be served at the Weeks Park Golf Course starting at approximately 6:00pm. All family members and their guests are encouraged to attend the daily evening meals.

May a player have a caddy?

Yes, any player may have a caddy, which could be a parent should they choose. However, a player may have only one caddy at a time during the round.

May a caddy ride a cart & carry the players clubs on that cart?

Yes, caddies may ride and carry the players clubs on a cart. However, all players are required to walk.

If my caddy has to leave, for any reason, during my round am I permitted to have another caddy take his/her place?

Yes, a player may replace a caddy at anytime, but is only to have one caddy at a time.

If my age group is full will there be a waiting list?

Yes, there will be a waiting list when age groups are full. When a spot opens up, we will call the first player on that age group list. If we are unable to reach that player within 48 hours the next player will be contacted.

Will there be any practice rounds scheduled?

No, the T-O Junior will not schedule any practice rounds at any of the courses to be used during the tournament. Players are welcome to contact each golf course to set up a practice round.

Wichita Falls Country Club - 940-767-1486
Weeks Park Golf Course - 940-767-6107

If I am scheduled to play at the Wichita Falls Country Club, may I set up a practice round although I am not a member?

You may set up a practice round at the Wichita Falls Country Club if you belong to a country club that has a reciprocal membership with the Wichita Falls Country Club. Contact your country club to find out.

Are GPS and range finder devices permitted to be used during tournament play?

GPS Devices and Range Finders will be permitted. HOWEVER, those GPS Devices that displays slope or any information other than the distance to the front, center and back of green WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.

If you have any additional questions that were not answered feel free to use the form below to contact us.